Monday, August 29

not leaving, just moving

One of my (much) earlier white waxflower blog titles was "Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes" after everyone's favorite David Bowie song. Had I not already used it, that might have been the perfect title for this post.

My furniture-decor-party-refurbishing-graphic design, etc. business has grown from something I did on the side for fun to something that keeps me so busy I can barely keep up ... in a good way! I've loved blogging white waxflower, but I simply don't have time for it anymore. It only costs me $10 a year to keep this site up and running, so I'll leave it up for a year or so for those of you who might want to look up an old craft project or something:)

But as the title of this post says, I'm not leaving, just moving:) Check me out RIGHT HERE at my brand-new, not-even-close-to-finished business site, where there's already a fun and simple little craft tutorial:) See you there!

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